Dance for diet

“How do you think if you can lose wieght with free dance”

Dance. You will think it is extremely difficult exercise.
But free dance is not.

When you make weight loss with dance.
Your weight is reduced and you can become a good dancer in the fun with friends
And here I will guide you through the steps so that you can create a free dance to the melody of the song.
1.    Watch at least one dance video below .
You will feel your body want to dance
2.    You need to prepare a speaker and mp3 or usb. Copy the music below to mp3 or usb .

What do you feel in the first week?

Your body aches for the first 3 days but then it stops.
Your body starts to move more easily and more flexible

Congratulations. You have started on the way to successful weight loss.

3.    The second week. You need to adjust the movements of the body and limbs according to the rhythm of the music. Speed ​​from slow to fast and combine the force with your magic dance.

Reveal to you a secret. You can combine the simple movements of exercise, yoga, ballet to create your own dance. You do not need to memorize them just as you move the rhythm of the music. It’s enough. Try and feel great from losing weight with free dance.

Good luck for you.

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