Hi! I am Clara

I’m not an expert on weight loss but I have experience  because I have been successful in weight loss. And now I can adjust my weight according to my wishes. That is the most wonderful thing in my life.

I want to help 1000 Americans adjust their oversized weight. That is my dream.

How do you think if you can lose weight with free dance?

It sounds weird but with me it’s a miracle. If you are interested please refer to the dance directory.

  • Besides losing weight with dance, I also take the following measures to lose weight fast at home.

Breakfast: Eat a healthy breakfast. I would personally suggest, oats, and glass of milk along with a fruit. This will leave you feeling full and also help you add nutrition to your diet. (If possible, you should reduce by one third compared to regular meals).

Never skip meals : There  are many people who would tell you that skipping a meal would help you shed those extra not budging pounds, but the thing is that skipping meal only makes you eat more and at irregular times.

Running every morning: Run at least 15 minutes per day from slow to fast speed. 

Weighing the body weight: 2 weeks 1 times in the first 2 weeks of weight loss. Then once a week weighs one time. Because this will help you not miserable in your daily diet.

Take a weight loss drug: It will help you lose weight faster.


 I can do you also can do.

I think so.